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Kosta Billa, founder of Helios shpk

Kosta Billa, Founder of Helios shpk

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Our experience dates back immediately after the collapse of the communist regime in 1992. During the process of privatization of state owned enterprises in Albania, the director of the company at that time, Mr. Kosta Billa, today the president of BILLA Group undertook the initiative not to destroy it, which is what happened to almost all of the state ones. By preserving this enterprise from destruction Mr. Kosta Billa turned its activities into a town’s tradition.

Over the years, we have learned to face any crises, we have learned to keep up with the latest technology, and we have learned the style of the latest Italian fashion.

Our product is widely regarded as a premium brand in the market because of our superior craft. This requires a great deal of attention along the production chain of activities all the way through packaging. Our products consist of rattan wood, polypeel, leather, aluminum, stainless steel and iron. We are able to handle all the steps outlined in the contract including assembly of product. Everything is accompanied by the support of our engineers, architects and specialists.

This is the world of Helios where concept becomes reality….

Our skills

Our main aim is to deliver a high standard product, a goal which can be obtained only by using materials of the highest quality.

Rattan wood

The artisans at Helios are able to work rattan wood with craft (totally by hand) which allows us to transform into reality the most beautiful designs, made by the best Italian designers.

Mechanic branch

aluminiumThe aluminum made in Italy, can be severely deformed without failure. This allows aluminum to be transformed by rolling, extruding, drawing, machining and other mechanical processes. It can also be altered to a high tolerance which lets us realize the most complicated structures.

Cushions & Upholstery

The final presentation of the product which satisfies and concludes the deepest flavor of the client ends in the branch of Cushions & Upholstery.


L. “Bashkimi”, Rruga Transballaknike, Vlore-Albania.

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